My Beginnings

A Baby Girl and Her two Dads

I was born in Santa Monica, California to two gay men who decided to go on an adventure together. Growing up with two Dads gave me an advantage in life because I knew when I was born that I was wanted and loved unconditionally because FYI it’s pretty tough and pretty expensive to have a kid when you’re two men in the early 90s. They made it easy for me to know that I was loved, but being crazy loved didn’t stop me from asking a lot of questions. The biggest one being Am I Enough?

I never thought I was worthy of my two Dads or the life I was dropped into. Their crazy, big love for me and everything that came with it felt like something that someone else must have deserved, but not little old me, because what the heck did I ever do to deserve all this? I didn’t think I was worthy until I decided to be worthy.

There is a lot and I mean a whopping ton of things I don’t know, but one of the things I do know is that whether or not I believe I am enough every day I have been able to cope with the things I’ve been challenged with in my life thus far and have managed to come out the other side happy and healthy and I believe the rest of the world can too.