Dear Uncle Herb, what’s the meaning of life?

"Today, Dennis and Chelsea went for a beach walk and Chelsea came up with a game. She said, "let's figure out the meaning of life. Each thing we pick up will be a clue and with them all together we'll have our answer."

Just Own Up to It

We all do stupid things sometimes. When I was in high school I, of course, wanted to be liked by everyone which I have since learned is virtually impossible. But one of the most common currencies in high school is gossip and if you have gossip on someone and you share it, it tends to make you more popular. I was not immune to this.

Dad! She says you’re gay!!!

For someone who has two gay dads I didn’t even know what “gay” meant until I was seven. Cause guess what? To me, they were just my dads. It wasn’t until one day when we were in Hawaii (my Dad and I on vacation, my Daddy working hard on a business trip) and I started…